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Make Dolls House Plant Pots From Paper Strips


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Shape Paper Coils Into Miniature Flower Pots
Push a marble into a coil of paper to form a dolls house flower pot.

Use a wide tipped pen or a marble to push a coil of paper into a dolls house flower pot shape.

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When the glue on the end of your coil has dried, you can begin to shape the paper coil into a dolls house flower pot.

Shape the Sides of the Dollhouse Flower Pot Press a marble or another small rounded object (the end of a wide barrel pen)into the center of the paper coil. Use your fingers to gently spread out the paper, keeping the spacing even on the outside. If you want to have a rimmed flower pot, leave three or four coils of paper tight together at the top of the pot to make the rim.

When the pot has the right outside shape, gently tap the base of the pot on a flat surface to create a flat base for the pot to stand on. If you are making a bowl shaped flower pot, you may want a wider base to keep the pot from tipping when it is planted

To Make a Rectangular Bonsai PotSquare the sides and end of your flat paper coil before you begin to shape the pot sides. Squeeze the coil between your fingers and thumb and press each side down onto a firm flat surface to create a rectangle from your circular paper coil. Bonsai pots are fairly low. Gently shape the sides of the paper coil to form a low pot for your bonsai. You can create the base by pressing the center of your shape onto a firm surface, or you can add small feet made from beads, baked polymer clay, or tiny paper coils.

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