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Tie a Nautical Knot Rug in Miniature or Full Size with an Ocean Plait Knot


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Plaiting the Second Line for the Ocean Plait Knot / Rug
Final weaving step in forming an Ocean Plait knot used for rope rugs in miniature and full scales.

Weave the long end of the rope down through the loops to the bottom to lock the Ocean Plait knot ready for finishing.

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Now take the long end of the rope back down through the remainder of the loops, weaving the rope over and under each section of loop.

The two weaves formed in this step and the previous step will secure the knot.

Place your hand over the knot once you have finished taking the end out of the loops for the braid mentioned above and hold the knot fast while you work the remainder of the rope through the first and second braids until the rope is completely through the knot.

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