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Tie a Nautical Knot Rug in Miniature or Full Size with an Ocean Plait Knot


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Make the Final Starting Loop for the Miniature Ocean Plait or Braid Rug
Lay a third crossed loop over the base of the first loop in an Ocean Plait Knot.

Make a second crossed loop over the base of the first loop. This time the short rope should lay on top of the loop.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

To make the final loop which is the basis for the ocean plait knot or nautical rug, take the short end of the rope back across the first loop you formed and make a slightly larger second loop across the base of the first loop, leaving the short end of the rope going across the top of this loop and off to the left side of the knot.

It is important that the first loop has the lead going to the main rope under the first loop, while the second loop has the lead of the short end of rope passing over the loop. (See photo)

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