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Tie a Nautical Knot Rug in Miniature or Full Size with an Ocean Plait Knot


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Reader's Doormat Made From A Retired Climbing Rope Using the Ocean Plait Knot
Doormat made from a 60 metre length of retired climbing rope.

Diane made this 21 by 33 inch doormat from a retired 60 metre climbing rope

Photo Courtesy Dianne - Gjetost Blog Copyright 2009 Used With Permission

Here's a full sized version of the Ocean Plait Knot Rug made using these instructions and a retired climbing rope. Dianne, writer of the Gjetost blog, has posted how she used a retired 9.8mm climbing rope and the instructions from this set of step by steps to make her doormat. She used 190 ft of rope (one 60 metre rope) to make her 21 inch by 33 inch doormat.

She brushed the bottom-side of the mat with contact cement to help it hold it's shape and said that worked great.

Needless to say, this rope has enjoyed some great adventures. Perhaps it would prefer a more glorious retirement than being a doormat, but this way, I'll get to see it everyday. Dianne

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