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Make a Printable Miniature Graduation Cap or Mortarboard and Diploma


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Make the Tassel for the Miniature Mortar Board or Graduation Cap
Using a needle to thread a tassel made from embroidery thread through the center of a mortar board.

Attaching the tassel of embroidery thread through the center of the printable miniature mortar board.

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To Make a Miniature Tassel

  • Take three strands of embroidery floss in an appropriate color. You will need a 5 - 8 inch piece
  • Thread the Floss through a needle.
  • Wrap the floss around your finger three to four times to make the tassel end.
  • Tie a Knot around one end of the loops you made around your finger. This will become the top end of the tassel. Tie several more knots to cover the end of the tassel, then push the needle through from the bottom of the knots on the tassel end, up through the center of the tassel to form the hanging end. Leave the thread in the needle.
  • Trim the End of the Tassel by cutting the loops at the end opposite the knots.
  • Attach The Tassel by pushing the needle through the center of a mortar board piece. If you are using the graduation year for the top of the cap, the center is on the other side of the letter f in of.
  • Set the Length of the Attachment Thread so that the tassel hangs over the edge of the mortar board to one side.
  • Remove the Needle and trim the thread on the wrong side of the mortar board so that it does not protrude past the edges.
  • Glue the two sides of the mortar board together, catching the end of the tassel holding thread in between the two sides of the mortar board. If you want a plain mortar board, use the printed side on the bottom instead of the top
  • Set Aside to Dry When the mortar board is dry, trim off any white edges, and use a felt pen or colored pencil to color the cut edges of the card.

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