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Make a Printable Miniature Graduation Cap or Mortarboard and Diploma


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Prepare the Miniature Graduation Cap Coil Foundation
A roll of paper wrapped around a cork forms the foundation for a paper graduation cap.

Shaping the paper head section of a dolls house graduation cap or mortar board made from a printable miniature template.

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To Make the Foundation Support for the Miniature Mortar Board (Graduation Cap)

  • Measure the circumference of the head of the doll or teddy you wish the hat to fit.
  • Find a suitable size hat stand or a cork with the same circumference.
  • Glue two paper strips end to end. Remove the date on one end strip, and make sure if you want a date on the cap, that the date is on the end of the doubled strip. For a 1:12 scale hat you will need two paper strips and the medium size mortar board, for a 1:24 scale hat you will need one paper strip and the smallest size of mortar board, and for a 1:6 (Barbie or fashion doll) you will need three paper strips.
  • Wrap the Paper Strips around your hat stand or cork, beginning with the undated end. Glue the end of the strip so it adheres to the next section of the strip you wrap around on top of it. Leave the dated section of the strip to the last wrap layer on the top. Glue the end to the piece of strip beneath it. Leave this roll of paper to dry.

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