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Make a Printable Miniature Graduation Cap or Mortarboard and Diploma


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Make Printable Miniature Graduation Caps or Mortarboards in Three Scales
A bright blue and a black mortar board or graduation cap and diploma in 1:12, 1:6 or 1:24 scale.

Two printable miniature mortar boards or graduation caps and a diploma in 1:12, 1:6 or 1:24 dolls house scales.

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Mortarboards or graduation caps are a recognizable symbol of the achievement of academic goals. These dolls house or scale miniature printable mortarboards can be made in two colors from the downloadable acrobat reader pdf file, or the instructions and the pdf file can be used as a template to cut out colors appropriate to a special graduation, for a kindergarden class, or to decorate tables at a high school grad party.

The graduation caps can easily be made by a beginner, and require only simple cutting and gluing skills. The template contains graduation caps suitable for fashion dolls 1:6 scale, miniature dolls or bears (1:12 scale) or smaller dolls for collectors, or cake decorations in 1:24 scale.

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