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Make Realistic Miniature Model Palm Trees from Paper or Fabric and Wire


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Materials List for Making Easy Model Palm Trees In Any Scale
Fabric leaves, glue, kraft paper, paint, tape and wire used to make a scale miniature palm tree.

Fabric plant leaves, glue, kraft paper, paint, wire and tape used to make a scale miniature palm tree.

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To Make Model Palm Trees in Any Scale You Will Need:

  • Kraft Paper for the palm trunk. A brown paper bag, or used sheets of parcel wrap are fine. Use thinner paper for smaller scales.
  • Acrylic Paints in raw umber and black, to dry brush the kraft paper to give a bark effect, in dark green, mid green and yellow green to create palm fronds from paper instead of fabric leaves.
  • Stiff Paint Brush for dry brushing the trunk paper, or painting the fronds.
  • Textured Fabric Leaves in the correct color and slightly larger than you need for your palm fronds. Each palm tree will need five to seven leaves. You can substitute fabric or paper wrapped florist's wire and printer paper (tissue paper for smaller scales) if you wish.
  • PVA (White) Glue
  • Florist's Tape You can also use masking tape, the color isn't important as it will be covered.
  • Wire Cutters
  • Sharp Scissors

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