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Make Realistic Miniature Model Palm Trees from Paper or Fabric and Wire


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Make Miniature Palm Trees in Several Styles for Scale and Model Scenes.
Scale miniature palm tree set behind a porcelain building in a Christmas Nativity set.

Scale miniature palm tree made from fabric plant leaves and paper used for a miniature Christmas nativity scene.

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These miniature palm trees are easily made in many styles and scales for all kinds of scale scenes, gaming terrains, Christmas nativities, or dollhouse interiors or exteriors. The trees can be made from pre-wired fabric plant leaves available from a craft store or florist, or you can make the basic leaves from paper with a wire in the center. The palm 'trunks' are made by wrapping wire stems with dry brushed kraft paper.

Before you start making a particular type of palm, study the shape of its fronds, as well as how the fronds come off the trunk, and the relative size of the fronds. For most scale miniatures, generic palm fronds should be about the size of a doorway or the height of a person in the same scale. This will create palms that appear to be in scale outdoors. Indoor palms only have trunks in conservatories. Household palm trees usually appear to spring from a tip at ground level in a pot, and can be made following the same instructions, just without the trunk.

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