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Make a Miniature Witch or Dollhouse Scale Halloween Witch Costume


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Easy to Make Miniature Witches For Halloween
Three witches in dolls house scales, made with printable costumes and fabric costumes.

An Assortment of Printable Miniature Witch Costumes in Doll House Scale

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Make the perfect miniature witches for your Halloween party decorations or dolls house using these instructions and a simple printable pattern. The pattern comes in two sizes, tiny for 1:48 scale scenes, or 1:12 scale regular dolls house size, which will fit ready made dolls or inexpensive plastic skeletons.

The witches shown here are made using simple heads and hands modeled in polymer clay or epoxy resin. You can make white or black witches with the printable patterns on the next page. The white costumes can be used as a pattern for fabric, or stamped, colored, or punched to create your own unique style. If you prefer a more traditional witch with a peaked hat, print off the black witch costume and make your witches from a face and hands and a single piece of printed paper.

Before You Begin


  • Make or purchase a head and pair of hands roughly in 1:48 or 1:12 inch size. (a head in 1:12 will be approximately one inch high, a head in 1:48 will be 1/4 inch high). If you use the instructions for making a doll head and hands from polymer clay, decide what features you want your witch to have or work from a drawing. Generally, traditional witches have long hooked noses and jutting chins which distinguish them from regular faces. They usually have long, thin, bony fingers. As an alternative you can dress a complete six inch high skeleton, or a dolls house scale doll.
  • Paint the figures if you want them painted, or use the information on making things glow in the dark.
  • Bend or shape the hands to hold anything you want your figure to hold, a bamboo skewer or a toothpick can become the handle of a broom. Instructions for bending plastic figures will help you get the pose you want from inexpensive plastic skeletons.
  • Decide whether you want white or black witches, made of paper or fabric.


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