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Make Miniature Dolls House Waffles from Polymer Clay


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Introduction to Making 1:12 Scale Dolls House Waffles
Dolls house scale waffles and blackberries

1:12 Scale Dolls House Waffles

Lesley Shepherd

Dolls house waffles are easily made from polymer clay using a dolls house waffle press or a stamp made from polymer clay. The miniature waffles can be used alone for displays, or made very thin and rolled into waffle cones or baskets for miniature ice cream.

If a bendable polymer clay is used, thin waffles can be moulded into dessert cups after baking while still warm.

If you don't have a doll house waffle press, the same technique will let you make pancakes. Just make sure you press the dough with a smooth rolling pin or tile so that you avoid giant sized fingerprints on your 1:12 scale pancakes!

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