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Make Dollhouse Miniature Photo Cakes Using Your Printer and Florists Foam


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Assemble a Miniature Cake or Dolls House Cake using Florist's Foam
Gluing the cake top to a piece of florist's foam

illustration glued to florist's foam to create a miniature cake

Lesley Shepherd

Glue the miniature iced cake top you have created to the top of the floral foam cake form.

Using a craft knife, cut a piece of dry arrangement floral foam to the thickness you want your cake to be. Glue the cake top you created in the previous steps to the top of the floral foam. When the glue is dry, trim the foam square to the edges of the cake top, to create the dolls house cake size you wish.

To create a cake with pieces out, see the next step.

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