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Make Dollhouse Miniature Photo Cakes Using Your Printer and Florists Foam


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Icing a Design for the Top of a Scale Miniature or Dolls House Cake
Clip art painted to resemble an iced cake

Completely 'ice' all similarly colored areas of your chosen design.

Lesley Shepherd

Finish icing the top of your miniature or dolls' house cake.

Completely ice the top of the cake using the same style of making dots for all the areas which are the color of your icing as outlined in the previous step. Leave the cake top taped to your work surface until the icing has dried (otherwise the top may warp). When it is completely dry, you may ice another color in other areas, or cut it out along the edges to use as a finished cake top.

If you are working with a photo and wish it to resemble a photo cake see the instructions on the following page.

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