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Make Dollhouse Miniature Photo Cakes Using Your Printer and Florists Foam


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Materials to Make Miniature Cakes Using Your Printer
materials used to make miniature cakes from a photograph

Materials used to create miniature cakes from a printed illustration or photograph

Lesley Shepherd
To make these miniature cakesfor a scale scene or dolls' house you will need:
  • A photo or clip art printed to the size you want your finished cake. Print this on glossy photo stock or card stock.
  • Acrylic Tar Gel Medium or gloss acrylic finish. This will project your photo and make it look like it is iced with gel icing.
  • A small piece of dry florist’s arranging foam, cut to the shape and thickness you want your cake.
  • Thick PVA (white/craft) glue.
  • A glue syringe or glue bottle with a micro tip, to allow you to create the effect of icing.
  • Acrylic paint in the color you want your icing.
  • Brown acrylic paint to make chocolate cake slices, if you want slices of your cake.
  • Medium Acrylic Gel to add texture to your icing.
  • Toothpicks and stir sticks to mix and apply the acrylic paint and gel.
  • A small paint brush for acrylic paint.
  • Tape, (preferably painters or masking tape) to tape your clip art or photo to a work surface while you ice it.

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