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Make Dollhouse Miniature Photo Cakes Using Your Printer and Florists Foam


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Introduction to Making Miniature Doll Cakes Photo Cakes
Miniature Cake iced like an American Flag

Miniature Patriotic and Photo Cakes are Easily Made using a Printer and Acrylic Paint.

Lesley Shepherd

These miniature doll's house scalecakes for celebrations and patriotic holidays are easily made in any scale, size and shape using a color printer, dry floral foam and acrylic paint.

They can be used for special occasions and are good projects for personalized presents or accessories for a scale scene or a dolls house.

If you choose to use a photograph for a celebration cake, try to make sure there is enough space on the side of the photo to allow for adding writing beside the photo. Photo cakes only need to be iced on the sides and top edges. Patriotic cakes look best if some of the flag design is filled in with icing dots or stars.

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