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Make a Miniature Working Light House


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Assemble the Materials to Make a Working Miniature Lighthouse
Paint, beads, an LED and other materials to make a working miniature light house.

Materials which can be used to make a working miniature light house

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To build a miniature lighthouse you will need:

  • A Light Emitting Diode (LED) or clear bead in your choice of sizes, the size will determine the size and scale of the lighthouse you build. If you are going to use an LED, purchase it before looking for beads, as the wires will have to pass through the centre of the bead. Check with your supplier to make sure your chosen LED has a resistor built in, or you will need to add an appropriate resistor to your wiring system to keep the LED from burning out. I used one from Evan Designs which is prewired with a resistor.
  • A cylindrical bead of a scale which can be used with your chosen LED as the lighthouse tower. If a suitable bead is not available, you can carve a tower from balsa wood, or make a cylindrical bead from polymer clay.
  • A Circular Beador washer to act as the base for the LED
  • Scraps of Balsa wood or another soft wood, you will need a piece for the base of your light, as well as a piece to carve into the shape of a small house for the base of the light.
  • Acrylic Paints to color your light house.
  • Craft knife to cut and trim wood to the correct shapes.
  • Paint Brushes
  • PVA or White Glue
  • 9 volt battery and terminals or a transformer and wiring board to power the light.

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