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Make a Miniature Working Light House


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Make a Working Miniature Light House From an LED and Beads
A miniature two inch high lighthouse built from an LED and beads.

A working two inch high miniature light house built with a flashing LED and beads.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Make this miniature working scale light house from scraps of balsa wood, beads, and a flashing or steady LED (light emitting diode). It can also be built as a non working light, by substituting a clear bead for the LED.

LED's are useful for miniature projects. They can be powered from a 9 volt battery if you want to locate a light in a scene which is not wired for electricity. They don't emit very much heat, they have a long burn time without replacement, and they can be purchased either flashing or non flashing in a number of colors. This is an easy project for a beginner, and a cute little light for a toy shop or dolls house scene. It can be built in several sizes, depending on the size of LED and beads you choose.

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