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Weave a Miniature Fruit Basket in Dollhouse Scale


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Finish the Miniature Fruit Basket With a Braided Edge
Glue a braided edge to the top edge of the miniature woven fruit basket.

Glue a braid to the upper edge of the miniature fruit basket to finish it.

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Cut two 9 inch (45 cm) lengths of linen embroidery floss and separate them into three groups of four threads per group.

Wax these sections and braid the three groups of floss to form the edge for your miniature fruit basket.

Place tiny dabs of glue on the end of each wire stake, close to the basket's top edge. Run a fine bead of glue along the top edge of the basket.

Lay the braided edging along the top of the basket, with most of it on the outer edge. Use the tweezers to press it in place. Cut the braid slightly longer than the circumference of the basket edge, and glue the braid so that the top edge crosses over the start of the braided edging and is glued slightly inside the basket.

Set aside to dry, and fill your basket

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