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Weave a Dollhouse Miniature Flower Gathering Basket


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Lay Out the Base Wires To Weave a Miniature Flower Basket
Embroidery floss wraps around both sides of fine wire to create a mini effect of wicker pairing.

Wicker pairing encloses wires representing miniature canes, inside two sets of embroidery floss which represent woven wicker in miniature.

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Traditional wicker basket bases are made by slitting a set of wicker canes in the center, then passing another set through these slits to start the basket base. For a miniature basket, fine paper covered wires are laid out in the traditional pattern and a drop of cyanoacrylate glue is used to hold the groups together instead of the slitting method.

Cut Ten Two Inch Pieces of Wire. Divide these wires into two groups of five wires and lay them out with the centers crossing.

Glue the Wires Together at the Center using cyanoacrylate (crazy) glue to hold them together at least temporarily.(see photo) The glue is not essential if you are able to keep the wires together until the first weaving round is complete.

Cut a Three Foot (1 M) Length of Embroidery Floss. Divide the floss up into two strand sections and run it through the beeswax to stiffen it (optional).

Start The Base Weave Fold a Length of waxed embroidery floss in half, and loop it around one section of the base wires (see photo on left).

Begin to Weave with Pairing. Take the floss which passes behind the first set of wires and bring it to the front across the second set of wires on the right. The floss will form a figure eight around the front and back of the two sets of wires. This method of weaving in front and back of a support cane or stake (wire) is called pairing in wickerwork.

Continue Pairing The Base until you have completed four rounds of the four sections of base wire.

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