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Weave a Dollhouse Miniature Flower Gathering Basket


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Basket Weaving In Miniature - A Dollhouse Flower Gathering Basket
A woven dolls house scale flower gathering basket filled with tulips.

A miniature flower gathering basket for a dolls house woven with traditional methods using linen embroidery thread.

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With a few simple techniques a beginner can easily make a sturdy miniature basket useful for a dolls house scale miniature scene or as a shower or wedding cake decoration or party favor. This simple flower gathering basket design uses two strands of linen embroidery thread woven over fine wire to make a one inch basket. The same techniques would be used with wicker cane to make a full sized basket, although the edging technique would be different.

To make a basket in 1:24 scale you can weave the basket over finer wire with a single strand of embroidery thread. The techniques learned from this project will allow you to weave many other shapes of baskets.


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