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Make Miniature Western or Cowboy Hats in Dolls House Scale


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Shape the Brim of the Miniature Cowboy Hat
Miniature felt cowboy hat with a leather hatband in 1:12 scale.

A miniature cowboy hat in 1:12 dolls house scale.

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  • Heat your iron to a steam setting.
  • Spread the felt brim of the hat out from the crown at 90 degrees and carefully begin to press the wrinkles and excess fabric out of the felt brim. Wool felt shrinks with steam and heat. Press the iron on the wrinkles, rather than pulling the wrinkles out by moving the iron. This step takes patience, but the felt will iron into a flat brim (and become a bit thinner and more in scale.) Keep pressing until your brim is flat, alternating between pressing the right side (hat crown up) and the wrong side (hat crown off the side of the ironing board, safe from being squashed)
  • Measure and mark the brim according to the type of hat you are creating. Boss of the Plains Stetsons (precursors to the modern cowboy hat) had 3 ½ inch flat brims evenly around the crown. Modern cowboy hats have brims which are more oval and four to six inches wide. Make a template for your brim on paper, cut out the center so you can fit the template over the shaped hat crown, then mark and cut your brim to shape.
  • Shape the brim When your brim is trimmed to shape, you can curl the sides over toothpicks (using your steam iron setting) and applying a bit of steam and heat. You can shape the curve of the hat at the front and back by applying a bit of steam, waiting for the fabric to cool, then shaping the slightly damp fabric with your fingers.
  • Set your shaped hat aside to dry completely.
  • Trim the Hat When your hat is completely dry, you can use your sharp scissors to trim off any loose felt fibers and add a hatband to the base of the crown. A hatband can be easily made by braiding strands of embroidery thread, using a small piece of thin leather or leather lacing, folding a thin strip of brown florist's tape to mimic grosgrain ribbon, or you can make a beaded hatband by laying micro no hole beads into a thin pliable strip of pva glue.

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