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Finish a Simple Sculpt of a Miniature Doll's Head
Adding a neck to a miniature doll's head sculpture

Adding a neck and smoothing out the final features on a miniature doll's head sculpture

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To complete your sculpture blend all the curves and lines as smoothly as you can. You can use a fine flat watercolor brush with fairly short bristles to blend the clay in areas your fingers cannot reach. Check the sculpture both head on and sideways, to make sure ears line up, and features seem balanced on both sides of the head.

If you are having difficulty making features look the way you think they should, check photographs to see how eyes, noses, mouths and lips line up with each other. Sometimes a minor adjustment will change the way a face looks.

Tips for checking proportions If your head seems a bit lopsided, or some features don't seem right, turn the head upside down and check it from that view. Often when you view something from an unusual perspective it is easier to see mismatched areas. If you are not sure if the sides of the face are equal, hold the head up to a mirror and look at it in the mirror. Sometimes this makes mistakes jump out in a way you can see them.

If you used paper clay and it cracked as it dried. Fill the cracks with more paper clay, smoothing the filler into the dried areas. Use a damp sponge or cotton bud to smooth and burnish the surface of a head made from air drying clay or paper clay.

To clean and smooth the surface of a head made from polymer clay, use a small section of a baby wipe or a cotton but dipped in alcohol to gently smooth the skin surface of your miniature sculpture.

Turn the head sideways and make sure you can see a jaw line running back from the chin to a point just below the ear.

Create a Neck Add some clay around the wire support for your head to partially finish the neck area. The neck can have more clay added to it during a second baking if you want to add a torso.

When you are happy with your sculpture bake it according to the polymer clay directions, or set it aside to dry.

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