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Sculpt a Miniature Doll's Head


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Set the Eye Sockets and Nose on a Miniature Doll's Head Sculpt
Eyes on the halfway point and a nose in the quarter below the eyes on a dolls head sculpture.

Eyes on the halfway mark and a cone shaped nose line up with the markings to begin sculpting a doll's head.

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The miniature doll's eyes will be located on the line halfway down the doll's head. The head is roughly five eyes wide, and there is space for one eye, between the two eyes above the nose.

Mark two small circles for the iris of the doll's eyes on the doll face. Roll a small tapered cone of clay which is long enough to reach from the line of the doll's eyes, down to the line which marks the bottom quarter of the face. Place the cone between the eyes to form the nose.

Use a toothpick or a dental tool to blend the edges of the nose into the face. Try to make all your blend lines smooth. Add tiny balls of clay to the sides of the base of the nose. These will form the sides of the nostrils.

Once you have blended the nose into the face, check the profile of the nose from the side. Make sure there are no unexpected bumps. Use a toothpick to carefully smooth the angle of the nose from the top to the face, this will give the nose a thinner profile.

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