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Sculpt a Miniature Doll's Head


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Form The Head and Jaw for a Miniature Doll's Head
Head shaped ball of polymer clay on wire armature for sculpting a doll's head.

Basic dolls head shape in polymer clay, marked in quarters for sculpting guidelines.

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Form the Basic Shape Once you have your armature, begin by forming the basic head shape over the foil. The foil should form the back of the head to the base of the jaw. cover it with a thin layer of polymer clay or air drying clay.

Once you have the foil covered, add more clay to one side of the shape towards the bottom in the area where you will add most of the doll's features. This area is roughly equivalent to the area defined by the jaw. It needs to have more clay, in order to allow you to sculpt the shapes easier.

Add Guidlines Mark the head shape with a line at the halfway point and then divide these two sections in half to mark four quarters on the head. These basic lines will serve as the point to add features. If you are not sure where the eyes, nose and mouth are located on a head, check the information on body and head proportions.

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