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Sculpt a Miniature Doll's Head


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Start Sculpting a Miniature Doll's Head Over an Armature or Base Shape
Aluminum foil wrapped in a ball fixed to a wire figure armature.

Miniature dolls head armature for sculpting a doll house doll made from foil and wire.

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What Size Head Do You Need? Miniature doll's heads are small. Use the discussion of head proportions to work out which size head you will need for your doll. The doll head in these photographs will be approximately 3/4 inch long, which suits a 1:12 doll between 5 ft. 6 inches and 6 feet tall, or a shorter doll with an adult sized head.

Materials Needed to Make The Head for a Miniature Doll

  • Sculpting Material Polymer clay was used to make this doll head. It is available in a range of natural, 'fairy', and 'doll', skin tones, or you can blend a custom color. You can also use air drying clay or paper clay, they work in a very similar fashion. Air dry clay and paper clay will shrink as they dry, so you may need to experiment to find out what size head you need to start with.
  • Aluminum Foil small piece to form the base for the head
  • Wire for the armature to support the head and eventually make a body if you wish. As this head will eventually have a body, the armature is made from a 12 inch wire bent in half.
  • Modelling tools These can be quite simple. To show you how easy it is this entire head was modelled using a sharp and a blunt rounded toothpick and no other tools. If you have them, dental picks, embossing tools, and needles are also useful, as are alcohol wipes to clean your hands and remove fingerprints.
  • Oven to bake polymer clay
  • Paint to finish coloring the head and eyes

Form the Armature For this doll, a twelve inch piece of wire was folded in half and a small loop made at the bend. A small ball of aluminum foil was then formed over the loop to make an inflexible base for the head.

If you are not using polymer clay to make your doll's head, or if your polymer clay is very firm, you may not need an armature to support it. The armature will form the doll's body in this case, as well as supporting the head while it is made.

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