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Sculpt a Miniature Doll's Head


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Reasons to Learn to Sculpt Your Own Dolls
Adding a neck to a miniature doll's head sculpture

Adding a neck and smoothing out the final features on a miniature doll's head sculpture

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If you have a collection of miniatures or dolls houses, you may need characters for scenes, or heads to use for showing off jewelry or hats. Sculpting your own doll's heads from polymer clay, air drying clay, or paper clay, is fairly simple to do. If you sculpt your own characters, in a dolls house or other scale, you have much more control over their age, main features, and even the option of creating miniatures of people you know.

The process takes a bit of experimentation and practice. First you need to get used to how the brand of polymer clay or air dry clay you use shapes and dents. Elastic, fairly firm polymer clay brands are better than soft and brittle clays when you are sculpting dolls.

Before You Begin review the information on doll proportions so you can decide what size head you will need, and where the features will be placed. If you think you need a reference book. Maureen Carlson's book, Family and Friends in Polymer Clay will help you through the steps.

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