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Make a Miniature Dolls House Chrysanthemum Plant


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Use Simple Paper Punches to Make a Miniature Doll House Plant
dolls house 1:12 scale Chrysanthemum

1:12 scale Chrysanthemum for the Dolls House

Lesley Shepherd

Dolls house plants have an appeal for all ages and make great gifts for people who like miniatures. This one is made easily from paper using simple paper punches. It is designed to be in a 1:12 scale doll house size, but can be made larger or smaller by varying the size of the pot, punches and stems.

If you attach a magnet to the pot, you can turn it into a fridge magnet. Choose colors to adapt your mum to any decor. To make your flowers look as natural as possible, color white paper with good quality water color paints, allowing the paper to have several different shades of the color.

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