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Make Scale Miniature Cattails or Bullrushes


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Making Scale Miniature Bullrushes or Cattails for Dolls House or Railroad Scenes
Four dolls house scale cattails made from a variety of materials.

These scale miniature cattails are made from (L to R) commercial flocking, florists foam, home made flocking, sand, with leaves of (L to R) painted paper, painted paper, paper ribbon, raffia.

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Cattails or Bullrushes are an interesting way to add the idea of water to a scale miniature scene for a dolls house or railroad. They normally grow at the water's edge, or in boggy ground so including them in a model scene implies the presence of water.

The instructions that follow use a wide range of materials. Four different materials are shown in the photo. Pick the material which best suits the scale and time period you wish to model. You can create cattails which look like they are just forming in early summer, or scruffy bullrushes with long dead leaves and gaps pulled out by birds for a winter model.

Cattails or bullrushes have different shapes and sizes according to the variety and where they are growing. Adapt the instructions that follow to create the type most often seen in the situation you are modelling.

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