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Make 1:12 Scale Blackberries or Bramble Berries for the Dollhouse


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Make 1:12 Scale Dolls House Blackberries or Bramble Berries
1:12 scale dollhouse blackberries on a basket and a vine

1:12 Scale Blackberries in a Fruit Basket and Unpicked on the Cane.

Photo © 2007 Lesley Shepherd
Realistic miniature blackberries are easy to make for scale scenes as garnishes, for garden settings, or as trim for period hats. This is one dolls house food that isn’t made with polymer clay! The blackberries are based on no hole beads or microbeads, and you can add them to miniature pie shells, or use them to fill tiny fruit baskets or punnets. If you don't want to always make your berries from no hole beads, you can use alternate methods to make drupe berries in miniature (blackberries, raspberries, loganberries etc.) using a basic shape and a simple two part silicone putty mold.

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