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Make a Miniature Fire for A Doll's House, Railroad, or Christmas Village


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Make a Realistic Miniature Fire - Introduction
A miniature fire appears real in the dark.

Miniature Scale Fire Lights Up the Dark in a Dolls' House or Railroad Scene

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Miniature fires that flicker create the sense that someone is nearby in a model scene. They can add a moving effect to a dolls' house, model railroad or Christmas Village scene.

While there are several ways to create the flickering effect, light emitting diodes or LED's are often the best option as they emit very little heat and are safe for small container areas like fireplaces.

This fire will be created using a set of LED's especially for the purpose of fire from Evans Design. As this fire is going to be part of a portable table display, a 9 volt battery will be used to power the LED's which in this case are designed for DC (direct current) use.

A similar fire can be made to wire in to a railroad or dollhouse lighting system. For a hard wired system you will need to use a type of LED which can be powered by AC current (alternating current).

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