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Make Working Dollhouse Table Lamp from a Bear Bead


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Make a Lampshade Pattern for a Dolls' House Lamp
Pattern for Dolls House Lampshade

Draw the Pattern for the Dolls House Lamp Shade

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Draw a Pattern for Your Shade

- While the base of the dolls house lamp and the lamp shaft are drying, draw a pattern for your shade.
  1. Measure your bear and draw a line on a piece of paper which is slightly shorter on the base than the bear is long. (my bear is 1 1/8 inches nose to tail, and my shade is 1 inch across the base).
  2. 1/8 inch in from either end of your base line, draw a perpendicular line to the height you want your shade. Mine is ¾ of an inch high, in order to cover the bulb, the top of the lamp shaft, and allow for a lamp harp to hold the shade. (The bulb socket assembly for my lamp is 9/16 of an inch long.) This is the red line on the diagram.
  3. Connect the tops of the perpendicular lines this is the top of your shade.
  4. Connect the bottom of your shade to the top of your shade. The black lines in the diagram are the pattern for your shade.
  5. Use your paper pattern to cut four identical panels from vellum or parchment paper (I used an off white colour to resemble traditional birch bark and added birch lines in later).
  6. Cut out a 1/8 inch wide strip of vellum 4 ½ times as long as the top of your lampshade pattern. This will be the anchor for the top of the shade.


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