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Make Printable Miniature Beach Hut Photo Frames


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Instructions for Making Miniature Beach Hut Photo or Mirror Frames in 1:12 Scale
Printable miniature dolls house photo frames with a design of beach changing huts.

Miniature beach hut frames hold the 1:12 scale edition of 4x6 and 8x10 photos.

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These printable dolls house scale photo frames are sized to 1:12 scale 4 x 6 or 8 x 10 holiday pictures.

  • Wooden Frames You can print the designs and use them as templates to create photo frames from thin wood or wood veneer. The shape is a basic rectangle with a toothed edge on the topside to form the roofs of the beach huts. You can then paint them in your own color scheme. The frame can be made to stand up by gluing the printed fold out stand design to a sheet of card and gluing it to the back of the frame. This way you can match the colors to your chosen theme.
  • Card Frames If you like the primary color scheme on the design, you can print the designs directly off onto a sheet of thin card or photo weight paper to make the frames as printables. In this case, cut out the centre of the frame, glue your chosen photo to the back of the frame, then score the folded frame support along the dotted line and glue it to the back of your picture to finish the back of the frame.
  • Mirror Frames or Larger Wall Hung Frames The larger beach hut design, and the life ring, can be used as frames scale photos or turned into mirrors using silver foil or mirror, paper, or silver mylar or a small actual mirror glued in behind the frame.

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