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Make Clear Fillable Dolls House Scale Jars


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Add the Jar Mouth to the Top of the Jar Body
A stack of circles is glued to the center top of a dolls house acetate jar body.

The stack of circles is glued to the center of the top of the acetate jar body to form the jar mouth.

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Glue the Jar Mouth and Lid

Finish the jar lid When your stack of small circles is dry, cut a very thin (1/32 to 1/16 of an inch) length of foil. Use the pin to apply glue to the top edge of the small stack of circles, and wrap the strip of foil around the side of the stack, just below the top foil circle. This will form your jar lid.

Glue the jar mouth to the top of the jar. Take the stack of circles and glue them to the center of the top you glued on the cylinder in the previous step. Set aside to dry.

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