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Make Clear Fillable Dolls House Scale Jars


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Materials Needed to Make Simple Clear Jars for Dolls House Scenes
Glue, acetate sheet, and paper punches used to make dolls house scale clear jars.

Materials used to make a miniature dolls house scale jar from clear sheet acetate.

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To make these 1:12 or 1:24 scale dolls house jars you will need:

  • Small piece of clear acetate report cover or overhead transparency material.
  • Small piece of aluminum foil (tinfoil) for the lid.
  • Two sizes of circle punch one suitable for the base and shoulders of the jar, and a smaller one to make the neck of the jar. I used a 1/2 inch punch for the base and a 1/4 inch punch for the neck.
  • Clear drying model cement or strong pva glue I used The Ultimate Glue.
  • Pin to apply small amounts of glue.
  • Bent nosed tweezers or hemostats.
  • Curved scissors (nail scissors).
  • Labels decals or transfers to apply labels to the jars (if you wish).
  • Dry contents for inside the jars (beads, seeds, or poly clay items).

Also useful but not necessary

  • Circular template to brace the cylinder shape while the lid and base are glued
  • Clear double sided tape to hold the seam while glue dries.

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