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Make a Miniature "Driftwood" Wreath Using Spanish Moss


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Make a Dollhouse Scale "Driftwood" Wreath or Mirror Frame
Dollhouse scale driftwood wreath on a door.

"Driftwood" wreath on a dolls house scale door.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Driftwood wreaths are a great natural decoration, but adjusting them to a miniature scale is almost impossible with wood. This method uses dried Spanish moss instead of driftwood to create a similar look for dollhouse scale walls and doors. The wreaths can be used for decorations on Christmas trees as well as for mirror frames in dollhouses, and if you wish, can be adapted to make decorative seaside candle bobeche's to stop dripping wax.

Materials Needed to Make a Faux Driftwood Wreath in Miniature

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