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Make A Miniature Stuffed Polar Bear From Felt - Sew Churchill the Polar Bear


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How to Make Thread Joints for the Arms and Legs of Your Miniature Polar Bear
Running a needle diagonally up through the body of a miniature polar bear to add jointed arms.

When jointing the arms, put the needle up from the leg to the opposite arm through the body as shown to start jointing the arms.

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Now you are ready to joint your miniature polar bear so that the arms and legs will move. Thread a 2 inch long needle with strong thread and knot the end securely. Push the needle through from one side at the position where the leg will be. On the opposite side of the body from the knot, run the needle through the top of the leg (make sure you have the toes pointing forward!). Turn the needle and go back through the leg and the body to get back to the knot on the other side of the body, pulling the thread fairly tightly.

Now thread the second leg (toes forward!) onto the needle and match it to the position of the other leg. Push the needle back through this second leg until it comes out through the top of the first leg again. You may need to use a thimble to protect your finger from the end of the needle while you push it through.

Go back and forth between the two legs a few times until you are happy with how firmly the legs are attached to the body.

When you are happy with the legs, take the needle and thread diagonally up through and across the body to get to the arm position on the opposite side and thread on an (paw forward). Sew on the arms through the body the same way you did the legs.

Finish by bringing the thread out at the back of the bears neck and making a few stitches the pull the needle through the bears body and pull it tightly, while you cut the thread close to the body. When you release the thread it should pop back inside the body where you won't see it.

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