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Make A Miniature Stuffed Polar Bear From Felt - Sew Churchill the Polar Bear


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Turn and Stuff the Parts for a Miniature Polar Bear
Stuffing, felt body parts and haemostats to stuff a 2.5 inch miniature polar bear.

Use a pair of blunt tweezers or haemostats to add stuffing to the small parts of a miniature bear.

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Turn the Bear Parts Right Side Out

Use Hemostats or tweezers to turn the small parts right side out, making sure not to stretch or poke holes in the felt. For this step (turning is the most difficult part of making little bears) take your time and use the hemostats to turn over tiny bits of the fabric at the top of the tube a tiny bit at a time. Slow but steady works best!

Stuff Your Miniature Polar Bear

When you have the parts turned right side out, gather a small amount of stuffing material in between the tips of your haemostats or tweezers, and start stuffing the nose section of your bear. Stuff it firmly, but not rock hard. Continue to add small amounts of stuffing, completing the head and working down the body. When you have completely stuffed the body, sew the opening closed using the ladder stitch.

Stuff the arms and legs in the same way, and close the openings using the ladder stitch.

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