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Make A Miniature Stuffed Polar Bear From Felt - Sew Churchill the Polar Bear


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Pattern and Felt Parts for a Miniature Polar Bear
Body parts of a miniature polar bear sewn from felt.

The sewn parts of the miniature polar bear are ready to turn and stuff.

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Cut out the fabric parts for your miniature polar bear according to the pdf (acrobat reader required) pattern for Churchill the Bear. The pattern contains an 1/8 inch seam allowance so you should cut carefully along the pattern lines.

Fold the arm and leg sections in half (right sides of the fabric together if you are not using felt) and stitch the seams close to the edge of the fabric using the back stitch. Stitch from A to B leaving the top of the legs and arms open.

Now stitch the main body together. Stitch the two body fronts, right sides of the fabric together (the inside facing out as you work on it) Stitch from the bottom of the front under the tummy, at C, up to the point on the forehead marked D. Now unfold the body fronts which you have sewn together, and match the back of the body to the sides of the front so that E's and D line up. Sew up from E to D along the sides of the back and the front, using the backstitch. Make sure you leave the bears body open at the bottom edge. Sew from D to E down the other side front and the back, making sure the edges match. You should now have a body with the two fronts and the back joined together.

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