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Make A Miniature Stuffed Polar Bear From Felt - Sew Churchill the Polar Bear


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Materials Needed to Sew a Miniature Polar Bear
Pattern for miniature polar bear pieces.

Pattern Pieces for Churchill the Miniature Polar Bear

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To make Churchill the bear you will need.

  • A five to six inch piece of white felt. For this project you need sewing quality rather than the thinner craft quality felt. Many fabric or quilting suppliers carry this. You can also substitute white mini bear fabric from the online bear craft suppliers, or use a scap of lightweight imitation suede.
  • Small amount of quilt stuffing, cotton batting, or wool roving for stuffing.
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Haemostats , or fine blunt ended tweezers to turn the bear parts right side out.
  • Two small black beads these are used for eyes.
  • White sewing thread
  • Black embroidery thread for the bear's nose.
  • Fine sewing needle size ten or twelve
  • Long quilting, darning, or upholstery needle to add thread joints to the bear's arms and legs
  • White quilting thread or another strong thread to joint the bear's arms and legs.
  • Computer printer and paper to print out the pattern for Churchill the bear.

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