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Make A Miniature Stuffed Polar Bear From Felt - Sew Churchill the Polar Bear


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Make Churchill the Miniature Stuffed Felt Polar Bear
White jointed miniature polar bear, 2.5 inches high, made from felt

Churchill the polar bear is a miniature 2.5 inch bear made from felt.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Introduction to Making Churchill the Miniature Stuffed Polar Bear

With global warming, the animals in the Arctic are coming under threat. The polar bear is one of the first species to be affected as it relies on the winter ice pack to create good conditions for hunting seals. This little polar bear, Churchill, although fun to sew as a first bear project, is a good way to remind us all to reduce our impact on the earth wherever possible, so that we don't cause harm to the creatures which share it with us.

This little bear requires patience to create. It is made using two basic sewing stitches (the ladder stitch and the back stitch) and requires a five to six inch square piece of good quality white felt or thin imitation suede fabric for each bear.

If this is your first attempt at making a bear, work slowly and carefully, make tiny stitches, and be patient. Your first bear may not resemble the one in the photo. Every bear develops its own personality as it is made. Keep trying and you will soon be making these little bears with no trouble at all.

Note: These toys have very small parts and are not suitable for young children.

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