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Choosing Patterns for Miniature Stained Glass Windows
Patterns for Simple Dollhouse Stained Glass Windows

Patterns for Simple Dollhouse Stained Glass Windows

Lesley Shepherd © 2007

Print this pattern to the scale you wish for your miniature scene or dollhouse and use it as a guide beneath your window or sheet of plastic. Alternatively, print this pattern onto an overhead transparency sheet using an inkjet or laser printer. Check that the transparency sheet is compatible with the type of printer you are using.

If you prefer, print an alternate design from a book of stained glass patterns or from a website which offers copyright free patterns.

The detailed window on the introductory page of these instructions was created by printing a Dover books illustration for a William Morris wood cut onto a piece of overhead transparency film using an ink jet printer. In this case, the slight coating on the overhead film did not detract from the final design.

Choosing Patterns for Miniature Stained Glass

Simple patterns work best. Patterns with a lot of free flowing lines will require a very steady hand with a pen. If you wish to use silver peel off lines to create lead lines for miniatures, use designs which do not have many curves. If you intend to use a gel pen to create the lead lines, choose a design with lines which are far enough apart that the pen lines will not obscure the glass design. If you choose a traditional stained glass window which has detailing applied to the glass (faces, hands etc.), choose a design with the largest subjects you can find. Very elaborate designs may become too crowded to be effective when reduced to a smaller scale.

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