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Make a Doll House Miniature Needle Felt Raccoon (or Other Animal!)


Needle felting is an easy technique which uses roving (unspun fiber, usually wool or silk) to create felt by pushing the needle straight up and down through the fiber. This is a simple way to sculpt small figures in miniature for dolls' houses. They can be completely felted, or hair can be applied.

To create the felt you push the needle straight up and down in a punching motion through a ball or line of fibers. As you felt, the fibers will pack closer together, so practise is needed in order to create something which is a particular size. Depending on the amount you felt your fibers you can create very small, hard items, or softer, less dense felted sculptures.

The technique is easy (and repetitive). If you make a mistake and pack your fibers too tightly you can add more and fill out your shape.

These sculptures were my beginning attempt at needle felting and took roughly an afternoon to complete.

Note: These needles are very sharp, this is not recommended as a children's activity!

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miniature needle felted raccoon baby and parent in dollhouse scaleMiniature Raccoons Made Using a Needle Felt Technique from Wool and SilkSilk and wool roving, medium, fine and extra fine felting needles and a foam felting pad or mt.Materials Needed to Make a Miniature Needle Felted Raccoonshows a hand poking a felting needle through a small ball of fibreHow to Begin Felting a Simple Ball for a Miniature Animal HeadMiniature felt ball beginning to be shaped into a raccoon's head.Make a Miniature Forehead and Muzzle from a Felt Ball
needle felt a miniature animal's muzzleCreating a Muzzle for Your Miniature Needle Felt RaccoonAttaching felt ears to a miniature needle felted raccoonAttach The Ears to Your Miniature Needle Felted Raccoon HeadA cluster of black fibre strands are felted to a miniature raccoon's head to create the black mask.Add the Miniature Raccoon's MaskDark fibres felted to a ball to form nose linesAdd Details to the Raccoon's Face
Attaching the nose to a miniature needle felted raccoon headAttach the Raccoon's Nose and Trim the Facial FurMiniature raccoon body frame formed from 3mm pipe cleanersCreate a Wire Body Frame for a Miniature Needle Felted Raccoonwrapping a pipe cleaner frame with strands of loose fibre to prepare it for needle feltingWrap the Wire Frame with Fibre to Begin Creating the Miniature Raccoon's Bodywire frame body of miniature raccoon being needle feltedNeedle Felting the Body of a Miniature Raccoon
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