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Create the Cross Supports and Finish the Front Edge of the Cabin Porch Roof


Finish the Front Edge of the Cabin Roof
Finished miniature shingle roof on a 1:12 scale cabin

Finished Shingle Roof for a Miniature Cabin Showing Roof Supports and Edging Boards

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Finish the front edge of the roof with two aged 1/16 by ¼ inch pieces of basswood. Glue them along the front edge of the plywood roof support, just inside the shingle line so that the shingles overlap them.

Glue in place any cross pieces you cut from twigs to form the roof support. There should be one cross piece between the twig roof supports and a piece which reaches from the main cross bar up into the peak of the roof to help support the peak. The other pieces are decorative and can be left off.

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