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Make a Doll House Miniature Cabin Front Porch Display Shelf in 1:12 Scale


This miniature cabin front porch in 1:12 or doll house scale is constructed as a display shelf which can be hung on a wall or left free standing on a table to showcase a collection of dolls' house miniatures. Simple building techniques make this a good project for a beginner new to working with buildings or dollhouses.

Lightweight materials, and several tiers of display space make this type of shelf a good way to showcase a wide variety of miniature collectibles. The plans which follow use Gatorfoam, cedar shingles, basswood and paperclay as the main materials to create a display shelf which measures 7 inches by 20 1/2 inches by 14 1/2 inches high.

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1:12 scale miniature cabin front porch with rustic wood trimMaterials Needed to Build the Cabin Front Porch Display ShelfPlywood shelf and facade support strip for a miniature shelf displayShelf Parts for a Miniature Cabin Front Porch Display ShelfCutting diagram for a miniature cabin front porchGatorfoam Cutting Diagram for the Miniature Cabin Front PorchPorch deck, porch supports and Cabin Facade cut in 1:12 scale from Gatorfoam board.Main Building Pieces for the Cabin Front Porch Display Shelf
Gatorfoam board cut to a simple house shape with two windows and a door cut out.Cutting Window and Door OpeningsCut out dollhouse facade of Gatorfoam board fitted with windows and a door.Test Fit Dollhouse Windows and Doors in a Simple Gatorfoam FacadeBasswood strips applied to dollhouse facade.Apply Basswood Siding to the Cabin Front Porch FacadeDollhouse facade with aged wood siding.Age the Wood Siding on the Dollhouse Miniature Cabin Front Porch Facade
Miniature Cabin Front Porch Facade in 1:12 Scale with Shingle and Board and Batten SidingCreating Shingle and Board and Batten Siding for a 1:12 Scale Cabin FrontRear of a dollhouse  shelf facade showing cross beam supports for mounting on the wallCreating the Facade Support for a Cabin Front Porch Display in MiniatureSide post glued to the back of a piece of gatorfoam board to support a cabin facade.Side View of Cabin FacadeFacade of a miniature cabin mounted to a plywood strip at the back of a display shelfMount the Miniature Cabin Front on the Display Shelf
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