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Printable Miniature Flag Draping and Bunting for National and Celebration Scenes


Dollhouse scale table decorated for a fair with flag themed draping in red, white and blue.

Decorate for the Fourth of July (or Bastille Day) with this free printable miniature flag draping in dollhouse scales of 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48. These printables are also suitable for decorating cake plates and other serving plates with patriotic designs.

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This miniature printable flag draping and bunting is available in several scales and can be used for everything from scale birthday party settings, to fair tables, and car lots on railroad scenes. The drapes and the bunting are easy to make, pick a scale from the ones listed on the instruction page and print cut out the pieces to glue to thread or fold. You can use smaller scales of the flag draping to make cockades for patriotic hats, including the traditional tricorne.

Printable Flag Draping and Bunting

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