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Miniature Birds Nests Can be Made in Many Scales


A 1/2 inch miniature model robin's nest made from thread and reindeer moss.

A miniature model birds nest in dolls house scale made from reindeer moss and thread.

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.
Miniature bird nests are easily made in many scales using scraps of reindeer moss and embroidery thread. The nest shown here is for a North American Robin which usually builds it's nest with small twigs and long pieces of grass or straw. It is only 1/2 inch across built in 1:12 or dolls house scale. If you want to build nests for other birds, you can use this technique with modified materials or finishes. For example you could make a thead and moss nest then coat it with paperclay or acrylic to resemble a swallows nest made of grass and clay.

This is an easy project for a beginner and is something a child can make for a school project or diorama or a display on birds.

This project also makes good spring or Easter displays, little nests which can be hung on Easter display trees, or filled with tiny easter eggs as table decorations.

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