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Learn Simple Carving Skills Working on a Tiny Boat Hull


This project to make a miniature sailboat gives a beginner experience with simple carving or shaping of wood. Once you learn to do this, you can make a range of miniature boat hulls.
Toy sailboat in dollhouse scale carved from scrap craft wood

Miniature toy sailboat carved from a scrap of craft wood.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

The instructions for making a miniature toy sailboat demonstrate simple carving and shaping technqiues for wood. As shown in the instructions, the sailboat is sized in 1:12 scale for a dollhouse, but you can build it in many different scales for a range of purposes. Fitted with a hinged mast, it can be set into a bottle or Christmas ornament. You can use it with a hanger as a Christmas tree decoration, or you make larger or smaller versions to set in dollhouse shops, children's rooms, or on a pond or lake.

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