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Easy Miniature Projects to Make


Make the easy dollhouse and beginners miniature projects shown in this gallery and learn new techniques and materials you can use to create your own custom miniatures. Each of these miniature projects has been chosen for its:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Use of one main technique or material
  • Use of materials which are basic to many areas of the miniature hobby
  • Simplicity, none of these projects take a lot of time or materials
  • Creativity
  • Ability to scale - these projects can be scaled up or down for various uses.

Although the majority of these projects are designed for use with scale scenes, the techniques can be adapted to create gaming pieces, display pieces for collectors, gifts for friends or projects for round table club meetings.

To Find the Instructions for each project, click on the link to the project in the text below the photo which describes the project.

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Dollhouse scale table decorated for a fair with flag themed draping in red, white and blue.Printable Miniature Flag Draping and Bunting for National and Celebration ScenesToy sailboat in dollhouse scale carved from scrap craft woodLearn Simple Carving Skills Working on a Tiny Boat HullA simple dolls house book made from a paper cover and textured painted wood.Make a Range of Scale Books for the Dolls HouseA moss covered miniature heart is trimmed and decorated to make a miniature topiary.Make Miniature Moss Covered Topiaries for Printable Versailles Boxes
A woven dolls house scale bird cage has been filled with plants for a conservatory.Weave A Scale Miniature Wicker Bird CageTwo doves made a tutorial on About.com at the door of a dolls house scale bird cage.Make Miniature White Doves For Wedding Favors or DecorationsA 1/2 inch miniature model robin's nest made from thread and reindeer moss.Miniature Birds Nests Can be Made in Many ScalesA dolls house scale miniature seagull made from air dry clay and bits of wire is perched on a log.Model or Sculpt Miniature Seagulls From Air Dry or Polymer Clay
A dolls house scale planted moss hanging basket hung from a chain on a lampstand.Make Miniature Victorian Moss Hanging BasketsThe same hat worn by a 3 1/2 inch bear, and a dolls house doll with a large Victorian hairstyle.Fabric or Paper Hats to Make in Four Dolls House ScalesOne twelfth scale Felted Jack Russell Terrier With a Ribbon Collar Make Miniature Scale Dogs Using Simple Needlefelt TechniquesNeedlefelted black cat sits beside a dollhouse doll.Use Simple Needlefelting Techniques to Make a Miniature of Your Favorite Cat
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