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Make Miniature Projects in Scales for Dollhouses, Railroads, Models and More

Learn how to make miniatures using these free photo illustrated instructions. The projects range from dolls and figures to dollhouses, dioramas, detailed miniature furniture and food. Great project details for many model scales for model railways, Christmas villages and terrain items for gaming miniatures. For more projects in themed areas including dollhouse, and model horse projects - click on the "miniatures" tab at the top of this page, and select from the topics listed on the right hand side of the miniatures homepage.
  1. Make Mini Plants & Flowers (42)
  2. Make Miniature Animals (29)
  3. Make Miniature Displays (32)
  4. Make Miniature Dolls & Figures (14)
  5. Make Miniature Food (15)
  6. Make Miniature Furniture (15)
  7. Make Miniature Lights (6)
  8. Miniature Needlework (17)
  9. Printable Miniatures (46)
  10. Weaving and Baskets (15)

Gallery of Miniature Projects for Beginners
Easy to make miniature projects designed to give a beginner experience with a particular technique or material used with miniatures.

Easy and Fun Miniature Projects from 2010
This list of best miniature projects from 2010 is taken from the project pages of the miniatures.about.com website. The projects chosen are the ones from 2010 that received the most feedback for their ease of use, and the ability to modify them to suit a range of scale model / dollhouse scenes or displays.

Best Miniatures You've Made by Adapting Kits or Standardized Parts
Examples of our readers most successful miniature kit or ready made item bashes.

Learn Simple Weaving Techniques by Making a Range of Miniature Basket Styles
Make a range of miniature baskets for dollhouses or miniature displays using simple traditional weaving techniques.

Make Miniature Animals From a Range of Modelling Materials
These miniature animals can be made for scale model, railway and dolls' house scenes. Some are poseable as characters, others are scaled for use in scenes. Many can be used as decorations or toys.

Beach and Nautical Themed Miniature Projects
These beach themed miniatures can be used for a range of scale displays, decorations or summer keepsakes. These include projects like the ocean plait knot rug that can be made in full size as well as miniature scale.

Frozen Moment Liquids and Pours for Miniatures and Models
Learn how to make 'frozen moment' miniatures, scenes where a pouring liquid or solid is frozen to suggest a moment in time.

Make a Miniature Toy Sailboat for a Dollhouse
Carve or sand a miniature toy sailboat from a scrap of square stock craft wood and round toothpicks.

How to Make Miniature Water Features for Terrain or Dolls House Displays
How to make simple water features for dollhouses,model scenes, or railroads using a variety of materials and techniques.

Printable Miniature Projects in Several Scales
These free printable projects can add quick details to a dollhouse or model scene or help you try out a project in a particular scale. The list includes everything from Halloween and Christmas Village buildings to fabric and wallpaper designs, miniature books, souvenirs and packaging for gifts.

Easy Ways to Make Dioramas or Models for School or Group Projects
List of easy to make miniatures and models to help students or groups create dioramas for class or club projects

DIY Wedding Favors, Decorations and Souvenirs to Make From Miniatures
DIY wedding miniatures for wedding favors, ring pillows, table and cake decorations for showers and weddings as well as souvenir keepsakes for special anniversaries.

Make Clear Fillable Dolls House Scale Jars
Clear acetate sheet is used to make dollhouse scale jars you can fill with dry ingredients for kitchen or shop scenes

Make Miniature Nautical Pillows or Signal Flags Based on International
Make miniature nautical pillows or signal flags for a scale or dolls house scene using designs for international naval signals.

Create Miniature Stained Glass Effects
Instructions for creating various types of stained glass in miniature including simple window patterns.

Paint - Should you Choose Acrylic Paint
Uses of acrylic paint across the field of miniatures. When to use acrylic paint, what types to use, how to clean up.

Glues for Miniatures and Models - What to Use and When
Learn about glues used for miniatures, with reviews and explanations of how and where to use them.

Make a Miniature "Driftwood" Wreath Using Spanish Moss
Make a driftwood wreath in miniature to use as a decoration, or as a frame for a miniature mirror for a dollhouse scene.

Make a Miniature Mermaid or Fairy Mirror
How to make a miniature mermaid or fairy mirror using two part epoxy putty.

Make a Miniature Bird Bath
Make this miniature bird bath from two part epoxy putty or polymer clay to set in a miniature garden or fairy garden scene.

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