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Fashionable Rolled Ribbon Rose Pillow for the Dolls House


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Assembling the Miniature Ribbon Rose Pillow
A simple ribbon rose with several petals around a central bud

A ribbon rose can be rolled with as many petals as you can gather.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Make twelve to sixteen miniature ribbon roses following the instructions for rolling simple roses. Silk roses will not be quite as tight as the rose shown above, but the finished effect should be similar with a center and several distinct petals. The roses can be rolled with as many petals as you can stitch in place. Be careful not to elongate the center of your rose as you stitch it, but keep it with a fairly flat base, so that all petals join the rose just below the center.

To Attach the Roses To Your Pillow Knot the end of your sewing thread and take a stitch just in from one corner at the point where you want to locate the center of your first rose. (try laying them out on a piece of paper to see if you have the right amount of roses for your pillow first). Take a few stitches up through the base of your first rose, anchoring it firmly in place. Knot your thread to itself beneath the first rose, then take your thread across, under the fabric of the cushion, to the point where you want your second rose and attach it the same way you attached the first rose. Continue to attach the roses in straight lines until you have covered your cushion. (see photo on the first page of instructions.)

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